Demo Reel

Demo Reel


00:00 – Moss 2: Quill/Argus story moment
– Animation & implementation of this scripted animation in UE4

00:09 – Moss 2: Quill inventory animations
– Drove the animation work for the Quill’s inventory system, collaborated with programming/design on the tech requirements and feel; responsible for animation & implementation in UE4

00:22 – Moss 2: Owl Boss fight animations
– Animation & implementation for owl boss fight anims (idles, attacks, staggers) in UE4

00:33 – Disintegration: Thunderhead mini-boss intro
– Intro gameplay animation for Thunderhead & implemented in UE4
– Owned whole Thunderhead animation set & Animation Blueprints in UE4

00:43 – Disintegration: Tank rock throw animation prototype
– One of the tank’s attacks: mocapped self, retarget, clean-up, & implementation in UE4
– Owned whole Tank animation set & Animation Blueprints in UE4

00:49 – Disintegration: Rhino rage attack
– One of the rhino’s buff animations: animation & implementation in UE4
– Owned whole Rhino animation set & Animation Blueprints in UE4

00:51 – Disintegration: Tank run cycle
– Animation & implementation in UE4, owned whole locomotion set

00:54 – Disintegration: Neon Dreams select animations
– Mocap retarget, clean-up, & implementation in UE4

01:04 – Moss 2: Quill Garden intro animation
– Scripted animation where Quill enters the gardens
– Animation & implementation in UE4

1:10 – Moss 2: Warden stagger animation
– Stagger animation set based on player input
– Animated & implemented in UE4

1:16 – Disintegration: Player start intro prototype
– Animation prototype of when a player starts an multiplayer round
– Animation & implementation in UE4

1:24 – Moss 2: Quill narrative moment
– Scripted animation where Quill picks up an important item
– Animation & implementation in UE4

Additional work:

Project: Disintegration

  • Sole animator on team for 1st year, determined best work practices and processes for animation
  • Defined and oversaw animation and cinematic pipeline
  • Established mocap pipeline with Vicon system
  • Created & prototyped animations for a variety of characters and gameplay systems, and implemented in UE4 using Animation Blueprints
  • Built and mentored small team of animators

Hello! I’m an animator with leadership experience. I have over 15 years of experience in the video games industry. I’m also co-founder and VP of the non-profit, Animation Diversity Foundation. I draw comics, trail run, and mountain bike in my spare time.